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Ola & Maciek. Newlywed photography Session. Barcelona. Barrio Gotic & Ciutadela Park


Ola & Maciek it´s another great couple, which I had a pleasure to photograph and which  I will remember for a long time.  They came from Poland for their honey moon trip.
After exchanging few emails, they choose to start their newlywed photography session in the Barrio Gotic – the oldest and one of the most charming neighbourhoods in Barcelona. Unfortunately, it is also the most crowded area of the city, that is why I suggested to meet very early in the morning. We will kill two birds with one stones – I though; we will avoided the crowds and we will catch the beautiful, warm morning light to play with.
I have to confess, I´ve miscalculated the sunrise hours but thanx to my mistake, we had an extra time for big mug of morning coffee & met some extreemely friendly people coming back from a long night out:)

After that everything went smooth:)

Big hugs Ola & Maciek. Hope to meet you again

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