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Courses & workshops

BPP Essentials – Intensive Photography Course.

Everybody can capture photographs. Just pointing & shooting hundreds of pictures and hoping that one of them is going to be good is not the way to go.

“Creating” photographs is the process in which the photo first is formed in the author´s mind, who after, using all the techniques he knows, realises his vision with the camera.

Master  your camera settings & Learn simple but very effective photography techniques and tricks that will immediately improve your pictures…read more


BPP Pro Photography Workshops

Every month we ask a successful, professional photographer to run specially for Barcelona Photo Project a workshop and share with us his best tips & trics and talk about his experience about the field of  photography he work in.


Stay tuned for new BPP Pro Workshop. Coming soon


Fashion by Xavi Moya…gallery
Nature Photography Workshop
by Iñaki Relanzón – Composition…gallery
Concert Photography Workshop – Faraday Estrella Damm 2013 con Borja Alonso…gallery


Please stay tune for every month portion of pro-photo knowledge.


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