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BPP Essentials – Studio Lighting…coming soon

Following the requests of many members of our group, the BPP team, together with Kacper Fornalczyk (experienced photography tutor and head course designer in is working on an exciting new project – BPP Essentials Studio Lighting Intensive course…and, we would like to ask for YOUR feedback and give you the chance to win a FREE INVITATION to the premiere of our BPP Essential Studio Lighting course…

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We plan to launch the course at the beginning of next year.
Briefly – the course will equip you with a solid base that you need to know so you can start working comfortably in a professional photography studio.
The course will teach you all you need to know about:
– Studio equipment (lights, triggers, light modifiers, reflectors, v-flats and much more)
– The key rules/tips of working in studio
– Middle,high & low key lighting setups and techniques,
– How to build the best light setups for your project (fashion, portrait, product, nude etc)
– What, why, when and how to use Key, fill, back, hair, and background lights.

And like all of our courses, there will be lots and lots of practice and exercises.

Here at BPP, we aim to provide you with the best possible course and even go beyond YOUR expectations. Our first BPP course – BPP Essential Intensive Photography course for beginners photographers – received many great reviews (don’t believe us? check 🙂 –
With our latest BPP Essential Studio Lighting course, we want to provide you with the ULTIMATE essential studio lighting course, solid base for any kind of your future studio projects.
That is why we are contacting YOU.
Please send us an email at with YOUR ideas and wish list of what areas/topics you would like to see included in the BPP Essential Studio Lighting Course.

We wait for your email until 7th of December. Don´t miss your chance !


The authors of 5 best and most interesting emails will win the FREE INVITATION to the premiere of the BPP Essential Studio Lighting.
Join us to create a best studio lighting course in Barcelona.

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