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BPP Essentials – Intensive Photography Course.

BPP Essentials – Intensive Photography Course.



We are proud to announce BPP Essentials – Intensive Photography Course.

“You press the button, we do the rest”
George Eastman, Kodak

People have always had a strange and confused attitude when it comes to photography. On one hand we think (especially after the instagram revolution) that everyone can take great pictures. On the other hand, we tend to consider ourselves bad photographers if a few pictures don’t turn up that good.

We believe everyone can take great pictures and find his own style. All you need to start, are the basics that we aim to provide you with this course.



collage course 1-1

The course equips you with all the necessary knowledge to start creating pictures rather than just capturing them.

Why does it make such a difference?

Everybody can capture photographs. Just pointing & shooting hundreds of pictures and hoping that one of them is going to be good is not the way to go.

“Creating” photographs is the process in which the photo first is formed in the author´s mind, who after, using all the techniques he knows, realises his vision with the camera.

The course will help you:

Master  your camera settings & Learn simple but very effective photography techniques and tricks that will immediately improve your pictures.

Regardless of your field of interest in photography (portraits, landscape, street etc.), this is the knowledge you must have in order to create images you are going to be happy with and that you can proudly share with your family and friends. It will take your photographs to the next level and gives you best possible foundation to develop your style & passion for photography.

That is why we call this course ¨BPP Essentials…¨


We will be covering the following in the course:

1. Aperture & 5 composition tips to immediately improve your photographs.
2. Shutter Speed & how to capture the movement.
3. ISO, let´s start shooting like a pro.
4. Shooting modes, metering modes, AF modes, WB – DSLR settings you must know by heart.
5. Many tips & tricks every photographer should know.
6. We will talk about common mistakes and how to avoid them.
7. Homework – we will show you self-traning practices and excercises to constantly improve your technique.


5 X Why BPP Essentials, Intensive Photography Course is different from others courses:

  • We provide you a printed copy of our course book. The amount of knowledge we will give you during the course can be difficult to memorize straight away. That´s is why we decided to write special course book for you, so you can always come back to the knowledge you gained during the course.
  • We use specially design interactive presentations to help you understand complicated theory.
  • We also use specially designed software to simulate most typical problems you might come across in real life situations.
  • We combine small doses of theory with practise. It will have an immediate impact on the quality of your photographs.
  • We are confident that our course will give you a great foundation for your adventure with photography. We are confident enough to offer you 100% money back guarantee if you are not satisfied with our course.


The theoretical part of the course will be handled in local, quiet coffee bars in the heart of Barcelona, giving us the opportunity to practice in the most charming spots of the city.

The upmarket shopping district Passeig de Gracia, the crowded La Rambla, famous Gaudi houses, port, the narrow streets of the Barri Gòtic (The Gothic Qaurter, Old Barcelona) and many more places in this wonderful city ensure that we’ll have enough subjects to shoot.

Best price!

[colored_box color=”blue”]The BPP Essential Course.

[one_half last=”yes”]Individual classes (one on one tuition) or for organised groups (max 6 people)
Available only on request
Course duration aprox. 5 hours.
Flexible date and hour
To request the quote (please specify number of participants) & check availible dates, please click here [/one_half]

What do you get : tuition, printed course book, 1 month online (email) support + photo critique & lots of fun.






“Hello Andrzej,

I’m very satisfied with the course taken yesterday.  I have already read in the manual about the functions of the camera, but it’s much richer when it’s explained  and your book is really clear. Moreover you gave us some tips and exemples that  there are not in books
I was especially interested in understanding more about  metering modes and AF modes, and it was very useful your explanations. I would have liked to practice more about this, but it’s true that I was short of time too. Anyway I’m going to practice the whole thing (speed,metering modes,  etc..)  and I will tell you if I have doubts. 
 I also enjoyed a lot with people and the itinerary. Good experience! “


“The BPP beginner’s course was unquestionably the highlight of my trip to Barcelona. Not only did the Andrzej’s course help me understand and gain control of my camera, but the 6-hour course (you definitely get your money’s worth!) around the city – from wonderful old cafes to hidden, atmospheric courtyards in the old quarter to awesome, lesser-known urban spaces – made me uniquely and creatively ENGAGE with the city. I saw and experienced Barcelona in a different, memorable way thanks to this course. This isn’t a photowalk where your disinterested guide points to Sagrada Familia and everyone snaps the same photo. No, Andrjez walks you through the mechanics of your camera in clear technical terms. Afterwards, you explore the Barri Gotic to hunt for interesting, spontaneous street scenes now equipped with a photographer’s eye. In the Barri Gotic, you will practise drills on fascinating subjects in various forms of light and movement. You start to “see” the magical quality of Barcelona in its details – the details that most people are too distracted to notice or capture. My most interesting photos all derive from this course, and I feel confident that I’m not longer just “spraying and praying” with my camera. It’s immersive, engaging, creative travel that’s also an investment into all your future travels. Plus, Andrzej is an excellent, patient guide with plenty of invaluable, expert knowledge. Along the way, you discuss tips and tricks, experiment with techniques, approach the locals for intimate portraits, examine Andrzej’s photography, sip coffee, compare equipment (i.e. lenses), and listen to stories about old and new Barcelona. I cannot recommend this course enough as a truly unique learning experience and as a great investment for beginners.”

Will Q

A great two-day workshop that reminded me of some of the things that I forgot about using my camera. I learned many new things as well, and Andrzej is a great teacher, with patience and a lot of expertise!

Take this course if you have a chance–you won’t regret it!!!!


Learning photography essentials was what I really needed to feel comfortable with my camera, as I didn’t relate to it very much in the past. Now I have the basic knowledge to practise and learn, feeling I understand what I should do to get a specific effect. Andrzej is a good teacher: he’s patient, understanding, he knows perfectly the subject and he’s able to teach it in a very relaxing and motivating way. I am very satisfied with the experience.

Aneesh Karthikeyan

Just completed the Intensive photography course with Andrzej. The course was very enjoyable and I now feel as though I have a better technical understanding as to how to use my camera. Andrzej was an excellent tutor, very calm and patient with heaps of experience in the photographic field. Really enjoyed the entire course and learnt a hell of a lot more than I was ever expecting. 

Thanks a lot…..

Priyanka Ghatge

So guys, I was very lucky to have Andrzej to myself the last 2 Saturdays for the BPP photography course. What can I say about my experience? Well, I started the course a complete beginner and ended the course with a fountain of knowledge of photography tips, do´s and don´ts. 
Here are a lot of photographers in Barcelona but Andrezj really is one of the best. 
Thanks for all the advice and staying so patient with me! x


This course was a perfect introduction to DSLR photography, ensuring that going forward you will get the most out of your camera. Andrzej is very patient, knowledgeable and passionate… not just about photography but about him wanting you have have all the tools and techniques to be able to take your photography further. I would highly recommend the course and look forward to going on other BPP Meetups now I know how to use my camera better!

Thanks Andrzej.

Steve Whitwell

This was an excellent course. We started on the first day with the basics of aperture, shutter speed and ISO and moved on in the second day to more advanced settings and using the camera just in manual mode. 
We had lots of opportunities to practice and experiment with the settings and Andrzej is a patient and excellent tutor. I would recommend this course.


I have only recently started using a DSLR and this course was the best start I could have hoped for: a balance of technical (but not overly complicated) explanations but also reminders that rules are to be experimented with.

The techniques were shown using various places around Barcelona, which made them feel valid and memorable, and the relaxed atmosphere and small size of the group meant that I felt comfortable asking questions or for more information.

Andrzej is relaxed and approachable and the use of the manual provided and his iPad (ask to see the fancy titles if you haven’t seen them already) meant that even the more advanced theory was kept interesting and dynamic.

I would definitely recommend this course to beginners who have recently started using DSLRs or those who are aware of the basics but want to learn the full use of a camera.

Thanks, Andrzej!



Hello Andrzej 
Thank you so much for your patience and sharing your knowledges and experiences with us during the Essential-Intensive photography course! It was just awesome!! Lots of content, time to practice, great feedback. A course to recommend!! hasta pronto!! :-)

Diana Capaldo

I just completed the BPP Essentials Intensive Workshop with Andrzej. I was amazed by his knowledge of ALL things to do with photography. The course covered everything I needed to know about my camera, composition, and the skills needed to take great photos. 

Andrzej has a wonderful personality and a very easy going nature that makes learning about photography with him a very relaxing and warm experience.

I cannot recommend Andrzej highly enough! He is incredibly passionate about photography and enthusiastic about teaching. If you are an experienced photographer or a beginner Andrzej’s incredible talent and experience is bound to give you a new take on the beautiful art of photography.

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